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Sie alle haben Jahre meines Lebens

mit unermesslich viel Freude erfüllt.

Jenseits der Regenbogenbrücke angekommen

werden sie in meinem Herzen für immer weiter leben. 

For many years of my life

they have given me boundless joy.

They will continue to live in my heart

even once they are beyond the rainbow bridge.

CH Oscar del Girasole
"Zombie", 1982 - 1990
Amona of Barbara's Home
"Mona", 1985 - 1995
CH Luvabull's Bonnie
"Böhnli", 1989 - 1996
CH Bullgest Mr Big
"Rocket", 1989 - 1996
CH Luvabull's Elmex
"Mexe", 1992 - 1999
CH Luvabull's George
"George", 1994 - 2002
CH Luvabull's Gin - Fizz
"Fizzeli", 1994 - 2003
 Luvabull's Hi Dizzy Lizzy
"Dizzy", 1995 - 2005
CH Luvabull's Joker
"Mutz", 1996 - 2006
CH Luvabull's Jennifer
"Jenny", 1996 - 2007
 Luvabull's Oh-la-la
"Olli", 2002 - 2008
 Luvabull's No Limits for Freddy
"Freddy", 2000 - 2008
 CH Ballyheath Tiger Lilly of Bunsoro
"Lilly My Love", 1997 - 2009

Thanks so much to Fran and Bill

for letting me care for the most wonderful girl ever.

She was the absolute sunshine of my life and I miss her very deeply.

 CH Luvabull's Mr Bean
"Beany", 1999 - 2010

I can't believe 11 years have flown by so quickly. He was one of the loveliest dogs I've ever known and had such an absolutley fantastic temperament.... so full of character and always so happy to see people. Even last week he was rolling on his back so I could tickle his tum.

He was a real credit to the breed and I know he'll be remembered by many people for a very long time.

Dave Brett

 CH Luvabull's Mixed Pickles
"Mix", 1999 - 2010
Worldwinner Amsterdam 2002
 Fearnought Shevchenko
"Shevi", 2006 - 2011 
Our very special boy, we miss you very deeply!
 Luvabull's Swiss Pop
"Poppy", 2005 - 2011 
 Luvabull's Smarty Pants
"Smarty", 2005 - 2012 
 CH Luvabull's Rock'n Roll
"Möpsli", 2004 - 2014 
 CH Luvabull's Robin Hood
"Robin", 2004 - 2016 
My very special dog and very deeply missed!
 Luvabull's Up To You Lucy Blue
"Lucy", 2007 - 2017 
 CH Luvabull's Zig - Zag Zoe
"Zoe", 2010 - 2017 
 CH Luvabull's Van Morrison 
"Morrisli" 2007 - 2017 
My very special dog and very deeply missed!
Mit dem Leben ist es wie mit einem Theaterstück:
Es kommt nicht darauf an, wie lang es ist, sondern wie bunt.
Trotzdem war dein Leben viel zu kurz und wir vermissen dich sehr!!
Danke Diana & Bilo für die liebe, wunderbare und immer fröhliche Chicca.
Thanks so much Diana & Bilo to letting me care for this wonderful lady!
  CH Chicca a Rosso Leone 
"Chicca" 2014 - 2017 
  Luvabull's Daddy Cool 
"Putz" 2013 - 2019 
putz in memoriam.jpg
Rohmutassun Giva-Girsikka
"Giri" 2011 - 2021
Thanks so much Minna for letting me care for this most special lady.
I miss her deeply!
Luvabull's Angiebelle at Youphoria
"Angie" 2011 - 2021
angie memoriam 500.jpg
Luvabull's Cracker Jack 
"Jack" 2013 - 2023
My very special dog and very deeply missed!
jack memoriam.jpg
Luvabull's Diamond Eyes
"Bärli" 2013 - 2023
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