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I grew up in a family where there were always animals around. Even as a teenager, I knew that a life without animals would be only half as worthwhile. I got the first dogs of my own at age 17, two female German shepherds, who ended up being my companions for 9 years. My first bullmastiff, called Oscar del Girasole, came into my life in 1982. He had the personality I had always dreamed of in a dog and was the reason I decided to devote myself to breeding this fascinating type of dog. This decision marked the beginning of a true passion that would shape my life.

The first litter at my breeding business Luvabulls was born in 1988. The socialization and initial training of puppies requires a lot of time and affection. I have set a limit of one litter a year to make sure I can put the same devotion and enthusiasm into breeding even after 30 years in the business.

My living room becomes a puppy room each year and serves as a home to the puppies for the first five to six weeks of their lives. The couch next to the litter box becomes my sleeping place during this time... Later I move the little guys to a heated puppy house about 30 square meters in size with direct access to a large enclosed run. If the litter is small, the puppies remain in my living room and garden until they are handed over to their future owners.
All my dogs live in the house and runs (about 8,000 square meters). They are divided into packs that alternate their time between the living room, kitchen, and dog rooms. Swinging doors give them access day and night to the large runs.

These dogs are the most important part of my life even after all these years. I continue to be enthusiastic about their affection and good nature, their expressiveness, stubbornness and charm.

The goal of my breeding programme is to raise friendly, happy and self-confident bullmastiffs who are healthy and long-lived, the most difficult breeding objective of all. Last but not least, I strive to achieve an appearance as close to the breed’s standard ideal as possible.

Since the first litter in my breeding line, I have kept to my ethical principles, which are extremely important to me. I take great joy in this fact.

One of my ethical principles is that my mother dogs are members of the family and are bred only once or twice in their lives. Then they are spade and usually remain with me their whole life. Of course, as a result I have too many dogs living with me. I would prefer to have fewer, but that will remain an unfulfilled wish for a long time to come!

Potential owners of my puppies have to meet several requirements.

  • To give the dog a loving and affectionate home as a member of the family for as long as it lives. The type of housing is not important. It could be a house with a garden or an appropriate apartment. Daily walks and sensible activities for the dog are in any case essential aspects, as is social contact with other dogs.

  • Expert knowledge about dogs in keeping with today’s standards and a willingness to train a sometimes stubborn dog so that it makes a good impression in human company.


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