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Luvabull's Giant In My Heart

2.10.2016, HD B (B1), ED 0
7 Wochen alt / 7 weeks old
9 Monate alt / 9 months old
13 Monate alt / 13 months old
15 Monate alt / 15 months old
23 Monate alt / 23 months old
giant 23 mo 500.jpg
giant 24 mo head 500.jpg
3 Jahre alt / 3 years old
giant 3 years front 500.jpg
giant 3 years side  hp 500.jpg
giant 3 years sand 500.jpg
CH Green Dragon Gandalf
CH All Heroes Giant as Hagrid
HD A, ED 0
Rohmutassun Giva-Girsikka
HD B, ED 0
Chaboum Av Showmann
v. Muppenschlass
Ambre de Molossie
CH Rohmutassun Da-Kaapo
HD C, ED 0
CH Luvabull's Yours Forever
HD A, ED 0
Jollibull's Nena HD A
Blackslate French Connection
Tara de Molossie
CH Lisbethin Lusty Lucas
Dynamic Force Solid Gold
Freddi vum Muppenschlass A
Luvabull's Swiss Pop HD B
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